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Your FSA Plan

A Healthcare FSA allows you to budget and save for qualified medical expenses incurred over the course of your upcoming plan year. It is a great savings tool for you and your family. The expense must be primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or
mental defect or illness and cannot be reimbursed by insurance or any other source. Your entire election amount is available the July 1st of your plan year.

FSA Maximum Salary Reduction Amounts

  • Medical FSA: $3,200

  • Dependent Care FSA (Married filing Separate): $2,500

  • Dependent Care FSA (Married filing joint, head of household, or single): $5,000

Your Flexible Spending Account is administered by the vendor listed below:

Company: Discovery Benefits

Phone #: 866-451-3399


Click the button below for plan materials and resources. 

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